Cochin Coconut Oil

Cochin Coconut Oil - Celebes Oil Mill IncorporatedProcessed from dried copra and is refined and bleached coconut oil or otherwise called as RB coconut oil. It still has the coconut aroma but is lighter in color than crude coconut oil. It is mainly used as an industrial oil in the production of soaps, shampoos and other consumer products. It is available either as Organic Certified or as Non-Organic Cochin Oil.

Product Specifications are as follows:

Moisture and Impurities, maximum
Free fatty Acid, maximum (oleic)
Maximum (lauric)
Color 5-1/4" Lovibond Column), max
Saponification Value
Peroxide Value
Iodine Value

1 Red, 10 Yellow
1.50 max. meq/kg
Coconut aroma

Packing is available in 20,000 kilos Flexitank, in 190 kilos brand new steel drums, in 20 kilos bag-in-box, and in 1,000 liters cardboard totes.

Cochin Oil is available either as Organic Certified or as Conventional products.