Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice - Celebes Oil Mill IncorporatedCoconut juice is a thin liquid found in young coconuts. It is also sometimes referred to as coconut water, referencing the thin texture of this coconut product. This food is very popular in the tropical regions where coconuts are grown, and in some regions, which can be processed for their juice. Unlike other parts of the coconut which are used for culinary purposes, coconut juice is fat-free, with a very mild flavor which people sometimes describe as “refreshing.”

Young coconuts are coconuts which have not fully matured. They have skin which is green to mottled in color, and very soft coconut meat which is often gelatinous. As coconuts age, their husks darken and thin, and the amount of coconut juice inside also decreases, eventually disappearing altogether and being replaced with air.

Fresh coconut juice is clear, with a flavor which can range from sweet to slightly salty. In the tropics, it is often possible to purchase young coconuts which are opened on the spot for their juice, sometimes with a straw inserted so that people can drink right out of the coconut. Coconut juice is also sold in pasteurized form, in cans and bottles. Consumers can drink coconut water plain, or they can add various ingredients to it for a twist.