Organic Certified Crude Coconut Oil

RBD Coconut Oil - Celebes Oil Mill IncorporatedExtracted from copra (which means dried coconut). Coconut oil constitutes seven percent of the total export income of the Philippines, the world's largest exporter of the product.

Crude Coconut Oil can be further processed for making margarine, vegetable lard, soap, and cosmetics.

Among the most stable of all oils, coconut oil is slow to oxidize and thus resistant to rancidity, lasting up to two years. It is best stored in solid form, below 24.5°C (76°F) in order to extend the shelf life. However, unlike most oils, coconut oil will not be damaged by warmer temperatures.

Coconut oil has been tested for use as a feedstock for biodiesel to be used as a diesel engine fuel. In this manner it can be applied to power generation and transport using diesel engines. Coconut oil is blended to make biodiesel but can also be used straight, without blending. However, only blends with 10% or less of coconut oil can be safely used in unmodified engines.

Since 2005, more than 400 vehicles, both diesel and gasoline fueled, have tested the product at a blended rate of 20 percent of crankcase capacity; Chemical analysis shows that the product reduces fuel consumption up to 45 percent, it also reduces smoke emission up to 95% and has more power and it has cooler engine operating temperatures.

Packing is available in 20,000 kilos Flexitanks, in 190 kilos brand new steel drums, in 20 kilos bag-in-box, in 1,000 liters cardboard totes, and in bulk.

Crude Coconut Oil is available either as "Organic Certified" and Non-Organic Crude Coconut Oil.