Organic Certified Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil - Celebes Oil Mill IncorporatedProduced from fresh organic coconuts (not from dried copra). The fresh coconut meat is then granulated using a desiccator and dehydrated using a fully automatic drier at a controlled and at desired temperature to maintain its nutrients. Once the coconut meat is dried, it is then passed through a mechanical pressed using an expeller to extract the Virgin Coconut Oil.

Virgin Coconut oil does not increase blood cholesterol levels and thus does not cause heart disease. Coconut oil has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol, even in situations where coconut oil is the sole source of fat” (George Blackburn M.D., Harvard Medical School). There are two types of saturated fats which are MFCA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) and LCFA (Long Chain Fatty Acids). The difference between the two types is that MCFA does not raise cholesterol while LCFA raises cholesterol. Coconut oil is composed mostly of MCFA, so it does not raise blood cholesterol nor does it increase the risk of contracting heart disease.

Virgin Coconut oil is less likely to cause obesity compared to other oils. Coconut Oil is composed mostly of MCFA. Thus, it is easily digested by the body and processed as energy rather than being stored by the body as fat.

In another study on coconut oil, results showed that raw coconut oil is neutral and does not cause an increase in the level of cholesterol. The results also revealed that coconut oil also increased the level of HDL (known as good cholesterol) while it decreased the level LDL (known as bad cholesterol) in humans.

Coconut oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), known to have many health benefits, most notably its anti-aging effects, potential anti-cancer effects and anti-microbial / anti-viral properties. Since coconut oil is rich in MCT it promotes good health and quick healing. It is used in traditional healing concoctions by most Asian countries. In fact, the healing properties of coconut oil is so effective that it is even used in AIDS research.

Packing is available in 20,000 kilos Flexitanks, in 190 kilos brand new steel drums, in 20 kilos bag-in-box, and in 1,000 liters cardboard totes.